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Missing Pieces




Help! I’m missing a puzzle piece.


Step 1: Work the entire puzzle to confirm that you are in fact just missing one piece.

Step 2: Make sure that all of the pieces you've placed belong where they are. It's possible that a piece you've already situated could be in the wrong spot. (In this case, you may be missing a different piece—which may not sound helpful now, but it is the best way to ensure that you receive the correct replacement piece so that you can finish your puzzle!)

Step 3:  Check the puzzle box thoroughly to verify the missing piece isn't in there. A piece can get stuck in the flap or in the corner of the box.

Step 4: Look everywhere!  Did you look under the table? Under the rug? What about the vacuum cleaner? Maybe the trash can? Does the dog look guilty? We actually ask that you even take a few days in case the missing piece turns up.

After taking the steps above, if you believe you've lost a puzzle piece and it can't be found, you can contact us here at the True South Puzzle Company and we will do all that we can to replace the missing puzzle piece within seven business days.